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GOES 15 SXI CS-TM 10-23-14 20:36:00 UTC
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The GRAPE Project Official Blog Site

Update April 10, 2015

by Keith Morin on 04/10/15

Adding new page and links for Citizen Scientist.

Update April 5, 2015

by Keith Morin on 04/05/15

Updated Experiment Descriptions, Sunspot History, and Project reference links.

Update April 2, 2015

by Keith Morin on 04/02/15

Added Experiment List on Project Page.  The Experiment Descriptions will be in the Science Group section.

Update April 1, 2015

by Keith Morin on 04/01/15

04/01/15          Contact Us      Deleted Lastest page and created Blog. Check Here often!

03/31/15          Education        Added Educational Links

                                                 Added 1749 to 2015 Sunspot History Page

03/30/15          Science            Added ACE Data Plots to Science Page

                                     WWV, WWVB, and WWVH updated

03/29/15          Project             Added links to Engineering and Project Groups

                        Project             Updated Outline and History

03/28/15          Project             Created new web pages and updated Project Groups

03/26/15          Project             Added links for Education and Science Groups

03/21/15          Timeline           Updated time sequence

03/21/15          Project             Updated page format and links

03/21/15          Update             Updated page format and links

03/21/15          Timeline           Added WWVB and WWVH Events, format, and links

03/18/15          Project            Converted previous page version


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