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"Providing Space Weather Event (SWE) Training"
Welcome to the Space Weather for the Emergency Operations Center (SWEOC) Training Resource Portal.  This page provides links to the website and external sources to provide a basic understanding of Space Weather Events (SWE's).

Unit I. Web Based Resources

Most of the links in this unit will be used at various points in this training program.  The program is best viwed in Google Chrome or Modzilla Firefox.  Chrome has a save image feature that allows quick image capture.   Experiment with the website to find what works best on your system.  Use the F5 or Refresh option to view the latest images and plots after a page loads.

Step One: Download and Print the course PDF Help File and Guide: <coming soon>
Step Two: Create a folder in your browser for the links in this Unit and Program.
Step Three: Visit each link in this Unit and save the location in the new folder for later use and future reference.
Step Four: Watch all videos on the SWEOC Video Page 1.

Unit IA - About Space Weather

SWEOC Video Page 1
Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC)
Space Weather Safety

Unit IB - Emergency Management

Enhancing National Prparedness to Space Weather Events
National Space Weather Strategy (PDF)
Space Weather Action Plan (PDF)

FEMA-Space Weather Weather

Unit IC - Communications Resources

Amateur Radio Relay League (ARRL)

Home Page
Radio Propagation Page

Radio Society of Great Britain (RSGB)

Home Page

Unit ID - The Electric Power Grid Resources

Energy Power Research Institute (EPRI)
Edison Electric Institute (EEI)

Unit IE - Ground and Space Observatories

National Solar Observatory (NSO)
McMath-Pierce Solar Telescope (MPST)
National Optical Astronomy Observatory (NOAO)
Kitt Peak National Observatory (KPNO)
National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NRAO)
Solar Dynamics Obsrvatory (SDO)
Solar Terrestrial Relations Observatory (STEREO)
Advanced Compostion Explorer (ACE)
Solar and Heliospheric Observatory (SOHO)
Magnetospheric MultiScale (MMS)
Deep Space Climate Observatory (DSCOVR)
Global Oscillation Network Group (GONG)
Synoptic Optical Long-term Investigations of the Sun (SOLIS)

USGS Geomagnetism Program
Canadian Geomagnetic Observatories

Unit IF - National Aeronautics and Space Administration (NASA)

Integrated Space Weather Analysis System (iSWA)

JPL Deep Space Network (DSN)

Goddard Space Flight Center (GSFC-SWRC)

GeoStationary Environment (GOES) Satellite Services

Unit IG - The Global Community Partnership

Great Britain Metrological Office-Space Oprations Centre
Space Weather Canada
Austrailia Space Weather and Radio Services (IPS)
Korean Space Weather Center (KSWC)
Royal Observatory of Belgium (SDIC)

Unit 2. The Space Weather Prediction Center (SWPC)

Visit Home Page

Sign Up for Space Weather Alerts and Warnings

About Space Weather

Products and Services

Space Weather Scales

Education and Outreach Program

Unit 3. (SWEOC)

Visit Home Page

Documentation and Help Files Page

Wide Screen Website

Solar Snapshot

Latest Reports Page

Latest Images Page

Latest Plots Page

Communications Analysis Page

Unit 4.

Visit Home Page
Solar Conditions
Photo Galleries

Unit 5. Satellite Obsrvatories

Where are they located?

Visit SDO Home Page
Spacecraft Images

Visit SOHO Home Page
Spacecraft Images

Visit STEREO Home Page
Spacecraft Images

Visit DSCOVR Home Page
Spacecraft Images

Visit ACE Home Page
Spacecraft Images

Unit 6. Ground Based Observatories

Visit GONG Home Page
Visit SOLIS Home Page
Visit McMath-Pierce Home Page

Unit 7. Earth's Geomagnetic Field

VIsit USGS Geomagnetisim Home Page
Realtime Plots


Unit 8.  The Sun's Rotation

The Sun-Earth Line

Unit 9. The Solar Cycle Data

Sunspot Cycle
Iradiation Cycle
10.7 cm Flux Cycle
Solar Magnetic Field Cycle

Unit 10. Past Event Images and Data

Solar Flares
Coronal Mass Ejections (CME)
Filament Eruptions
Coronal Holes
Sweden 10-29-15

Unit 11.  Long Term Predictions & Forecasts

Above are the latest available images from the Solar Dynamics Observatory (SDO).
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